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Notice about saving water and electricity

Group each department office, each subsidiary:

To promote the company staff set up the ideas of frugality, further regulate the behavior of water and electricity, in order to ensure to save energy and reduce expenditure, notice the following:

1. Put an end to "the running water", "hers", such as waste of water and electricity, found the problem in a timely manner;

2. To develop good care hydropower facilities, good habit of save water electricity and found that the water electricity failure or potential safety hazard, speaker information and administration department in time;

3. Computers, printers, photocopiers and other office automation equipment to avoid long standby time, while going off work to students to form good habit of closing device, and try to be moved off the power supply after shutdown.

4. Pay attention to the use of air conditioning time, while going off work timely check whether the nearby area of the air conditioning is closed, the human resources administration department to arrange personnel to supervise and inspect every day, if discover the phenomenon of open air conditioning, then regional director shall bear corresponding responsibility. As a result of work need to work overtime employees, while going off work should close all open air conditioning.

Group human resources administrative department will arrange security guard patrol every day, not according to requirements of such as findings closure devices such as water, electricity, air conditioning, according to the working mistakes punish, given in the monthly examination standard points 2 to 5 minutes per session.

Notice is hereby given that the!

Group management center of human resources administration department

On June 28, 2017

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