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Shanghai multi - department joint interview network freight platform can be suspended for rectification

On April 1, the Law Enforcement General Team of Shanghai Municipal Transport Commission, the Law Enforcement General Team of Shanghai Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau jointly held a joint interview with some online freight platforms.

It is understood that the rise of freight network platform for all the citizens of the production, the life brings large convenience at the same time, the platform in the process of operation of motor vehicle flow spraying advertising, illegal operation, passenger manifest, to dismantle seat, do STH without authorization to engage in dangerous goods transport and other illegal ACTS also immediately exposed, the running order for the city is buried under the safe hidden trouble. At the meeting, the City Transport Commission Law Enforcement Corps first notified the recent occurrence of 3 dangerous goods transport accidents. It is pointed out that dangerous goods are extremely dangerous in road transportation. Once an accident occurs, it is extremely easy to cause casualties and property losses. The "January 27" Qingpu hazardous chemical leakage accident fully exposed the lack of safety responsibility of network freight platform.

During the interview, the Law Enforcement General Team of the Municipal Committee of Transport required all the network freight platforms to take offline real experience vehicle verification for the registered vehicles on the platform, prohibit the provision of dangerous goods transportation matchmaking business, timely provide registration and operation data, set up full-time safety emergency liaison, and timely report on the five aspects of illegal or accident. Municipal traffic police corps platform passenger manifest and illegally modified vehicles and other illegal behavior and enterprise safety control and so on as the notification and request, the city emergency management agency synchronization for the platform to carry out the safety supervision responsibility put forward relevant requirements, the city market regulator, said will be based on the electronic commerce law, increase freight network platform in accordance with the law enforcement and supervision, The General Team of Law Enforcement of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau has put forward specific requirements for illegal activities such as spraying mobile advertisements on platform vehicles.

The Law Enforcement General Team of the Municipal Transport Commission said: the safety responsibility of online freight platform should not be weakened, no matter how to develop, safety is still a short board, if the safety problem can not be improved, hidden dangers and accidents will always exist. This year, the traffic law enforcement department will continue to highlight the key points and maintain high pressure, and strengthen the law enforcement supervision of the city's network freight platform with the city's public security, emergency response, urban management and other departments. At the same time, traffic law enforcement departments are actively exploring and applying more laws and regulations, and constantly strictly regulating all kinds of online freight platforms. As stipulated in the E-commerce Law, the platform does not perform the obligation of verification and registration; Those who fail to take necessary measures to deal with the illegal situation, or fail to report to the relevant competent authorities, may be suspended for rectification up to a fine of 500,000 yuan.

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