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[Value leading precision win] Shenzhen Baoyuan - Ouman EST(national six) automatic transmission tour activities


【 reed feeling 6.10】

Shenzhen Baoyuan - Ouman EST(six) automatic transmission tour activities

Tour route: Yantian - Yantian Port - Jinpeng Logistics Park

Oil saving pioneer tube, no worries about fuel consumption! High fuel consumption, high transport costs, worried about dilution of transport profits?

Auman X13 560 super heavy truck, equipped with Foton Cummins engine + ZF intelligent transmission composed of super power chain, intelligent fuel saving, 70% economic fuel consumption range, more fuel saving! The speed of the shift point is 100-200PRM lower than that of the same type of products, which is always in the economic speed range! The fuel consumption of 100 km is 2-3L lower than that of other similar products. Match the electronic map predictive navigation technology (PCC), self-sensing, self-learning, self-adaptation, self-adjustment, fuel saving efficiency increased by more than 10%, low fuel consumption for high profit space!

Ultra-low failure rate, guaranteed attendance! Run transportation stop-and-go, serious on the road, worry about affecting the operation? What's there to worry about!

Auman X13 560 super heavy truck, the whole vehicle to achieve 1.6 million kilometers without overhaul, reliable quality, low failure rate! Pick up Mr Fu fourth generation intelligent gearbox, modular integration design, stable structure shift control unit integration and integrated transmission gearbox and hydraulic retarder, no pipeline leakage, avoid overheating oil, standard kang mai wheel end 500000 km maintenance free, save maintenance time, improve the efficiency of transportation, high efficiency and high yield reliable for attendance tomorrow!

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