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The National Development and Reform Commission and other five departments jointly held talks to remind key commodity enterprises

The Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the work of ensuring supply and price stability of commodities. In order to implement the spirit of the standing meeting of the State Council, on the morning of May 23, five departments, including the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the state owned Assets Supervision Commission, the General Administration of market supervision and supervision and the CSRC, jointly discussed key enterprises with strong market influence in iron ore, steel, steel, copper, aluminum and other industries, including iron and Steel Industry Association and non-ferrous metal association.

The meeting pointed out that since this year, some commodity prices have been rising sharply, and some varieties have been innovating high, which has attracted widespread attention from all aspects. This round of price rise is the result of the joint action of many factors. There are international transmission factors and many aspects reflect the excessive speculation, disrupt the normal production and marketing cycle, which has contributed to the price rise.

The meeting requires that key enterprises concerned should improve their positions, establish the overall situation awareness, actively fulfill their social responsibilities, promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries and maintain a good ecological environment of the industry; We should strengthen legal awareness, operate in accordance with law, operate in an orderly manner, take the lead in maintaining the order of commodity market prices, and shall not collude with each other to manipulate market prices, fabricate and disseminate the information on price hikes, and shall not hoard up strange or bid up prices. The relevant trade associations should correctly perform the functions of the industry self-government organizations, play a good role of bridge and link, guide the industry enterprises to strengthen self-discipline and jointly maintain the normal market order of the industry from the perspective of long-term and healthy development of the industry.

The meeting made it clear that, next step, relevant regulatory departments will closely follow and monitor the trend of commodity prices, strengthen the linkage supervision of commodity futures and spot markets, and "zero tolerance" on illegal acts, continue to strengthen the enforcement and inspection, investigate abnormal transactions and malicious hype, resolutely investigate and punish strictly the implementation of monopoly agreements, spread false information, and bid up prices Illegal acts such as hoarding strange things.

Participating enterprises and trade associations said that they would seriously regulate production and operation behaviors, fulfill social responsibilities, adhere to the legal and compliant operation, and make positive contributions to building a harmonious and stable market and price order in accordance with the requirements of the appointment and reminder.

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