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Agricultural and industrial sector group of the CPPCC National Committee: promote the exchange and sharing of cold chain logistics data from the system

The global COVID-19 epidemic has not yet passed, and many seafood products have been detected with positive samples of novel coronavirus. The epidemic prevention and control and food safety in the cold chain logistics link have received high attention. However, the cold chain standard and legal system are still to be improved, the cold chain logistics informatization and automation level is not high, the lack of professional and technical personnel and other problems limit the healthy development of cold chain logistics.

National two sessions this year, the Chinese people's political consultative conference a&m constituency groups submitted "about to speed up the proposal" to promote the development of cold chain logistics industry in our country, points out that China has introduced a number of cold chain logistics standards, but most of the recommended reference standard, lack of cold-chain facilities construction, temperature control and operation specification of unified national standards.

The group of agricultural and industrial sectors of the CPPCC National Committee proposed to develop a unified national standard for cold chain logistics with complete categories, and establish and improve a standard system for all links from production, testing, storage, transportation, distribution, sales and consumption. A multi-department coordination mechanism should be established to connect the data interface between the cold chain logistics network and the communication network, the Internet, the transportation network and the public security network from the perspective of system design, so as to realize data interconnection and sharing.

At present, the data of each link of cold chain logistics is scattered in the regulatory authorities or logistics enterprises, and cross-regional supervision is facing difficulties. The group of agricultural and industrial sectors of the CPPCC National Committee suggested that a national unified public information service platform should be established to provide authoritative product information inquiry entrance for the public and necessary data sharing and exchange services for enterprises and regulatory departments. We will use 5G communication, Internet of Things technology and blockchain technology to improve the ability of information collection and transmission of cold chain logistics and product traceability.

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