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Growth rate to improve the quality of lively logistics industry inventory in 2020

Rural logistics accelerated subsidence

The year 2020 is a decisive year in the battle against poverty in China, and China's rural logistics has also achieved rapid development.

Last year, 25 projects were selected as the first batch of rural logistics service brands by the Ministry of Transport. The "front-end warehouse" should be established in the county seat to open up the shuttle bus routes of various towns and villages, establish the service stations of towns and villages, connect the three-level network nodes through the shuttle bus routes, so as to construct a perfect logistics service system...... Laoshan District, Qingdao City, has built an e-commerce platform and built a rural logistics service brand of "information platform + three-level network" with e-commerce as its traction.

National post office issued the Courier village and action plan in three years (2020-2022), a clear by the end of 2022, the county rural express logistics system gradually established, between urban and rural circulation channels unblocked, basic strength significantly increased, rural comprehensive logistics service supply more fruitful Courier service "three rural" achievements, farmers can enjoy more convenient and efficient delivery service, conform to the conditions of the organizational system of village basic implementation "coverage to express".

Best Express actively promote the "express into the village" work, in the gradual development of the township e-commerce and parcel volume increase, Best Express deep into the township, rural areas to set up the end of the neighborhood station network, gradually expand the rural area business. People in charge of the county-level outlets of Best Express also help local farmers sell their agricultural products through the live broadcast of short video platforms and e-commerce platforms, so as to drive the increase of agricultural products.

The spread of new technologies, new forms of business and new models was accelerated

In 2020, the promotion of new technologies, new forms of business and new models in the logistics industry will be accelerated and effectively applied.

Outbreak period, many community closed management measures, residents choose online orders to buy vegetables, fruit, articles for daily use, be strict limits of personnel entering and leaving, how to solve the "last 100 meters" distribution is the most concern of the public, in order to people like your order of goods without contact to the village, logistics Courier companies increased investment in unmanned distribution engineering, automatic driving devices are increasingly into the public view. In a number of communities in Zhejiang, Cainiao's driverless car, Xiao G, replaces couriers to deliver goods to the community directly to the downstairs of residents, and the status is pushed to the residents' mobile phones in real time. In the Cainiao station, no one pick up machine, brush face sending machine and other scientific and technological equipment greatly save consumers pick up and send time.

The logistics and express enterprises also continue to strengthen the application of intelligent technology equipment. Best Express has put into use five-sided scanning DWS (automatic package weighing, scanning and volume measurement equipment) in the transfer center to serve the inbound and outbound parcels. It has contracted for automatic scanning, sorting, weighing and bubble counting. ZTO Express has added a circular crossover device, with a running speed of 2 meters per second and a peak operation of 10,000 tickets per hour.

Starting from 2020, the Interim Measures for the Operation and Administration of Road Cargo Transport on Network Platforms (hereinafter referred to as the Measures) will come into force. Up to now, the Measures have been implemented for one year, and more and more network freight platform enterprises have been granted the network freight operation license, and enterprises have expressed that the network freight platform work actually recognizes the model of carless carriers. From the pilot to administrative licensing, to promote the healthy and stable development of the whole industry, improve the efficiency of management has played a very big role.

A Fuxing high-speed train, carrying about 40 tons of e-commerce express goods, stands at Platform 1 of Hankou Railway Station in Hankou, capital of China, Nov 1, 2020. Around the same time, a Fuxing freight train from Hankou Station arrived at Beijing West Station, carrying goods from Hubei. High-speed rail freight equipment is also constantly upgraded. On December 23, 2020, China's successfully developed 350km/h high-speed freight EMU train was officially off the production line, which is the first time in the world to realize the 350km/h high-speed rail freight express.

Care and care for employees

In 2020, the construction of "Driver's Homes" continues to be listed as one of the practical matters that transport is closer to people's livelihood. In May, the Ministry of Transport and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions issued the Notice on the Construction of "Driver's Homes" in 2020, requiring the construction of 150 "Driver's Homes" to be promoted across the country. In addition to the original highway service area and logistics park, the new national and provincial trunk gas station mode.

On November 19, 2020, the National Experience Exchange Meeting on the Construction and Operation of Drivers' Homes was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province, to exchange experience in the construction of Drivers' Homes. Liaoning has formulated and issued guidelines on accelerating the construction of "Driver's Home", and 33 "Driver's Home" have been built, covering more than 85 percent of the prefectures and cities in the province. Guangdong has given full play to the role of Guangdong Transport and other enterprises as an example and leader, and expanded the number and scale of "Driver's Homes" according to local conditions. By the end of 2020, Guangdong has built and accepted 40 "Driver's Homes".

In order to build the "Drivers' Home" into a "love station" that benefits the people, delivers care and safeguards rights and interests, the construction and operation units of "Drivers' Home" actively improve the level of operation and service. Shandong Shengkun Post "Driver's Home" relies on its own truck maintenance and rescue business, expands accommodation, catering, refueling and other services, and provides integrated auto trade, auto repair and logistics services for truck drivers; Henan Pingdingshan Service Area "Drivers' Home" to expand ETC, credit card, insurance agency, vehicle safety testing and other services; Zhejiang shengzhou service area "driver's home" set up relatively independent, private better "small compartment", strengthen the parking area security measures, the introduction of truck drivers exclusive preferential package.

Chai, a truck driver who had taken a rest in the "Driver's Home" in Shengzhou service area, said that he could only rest in the car when he was tired on the road in the past, but now there is a "Driver's Home", which is very convenient to rest no matter passing by by day or at night.

In 2020, the "Most Beautiful Truck Drivers" campaign jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions was launched again. So far, 100 "Most Beautiful Truck Drivers of 2020" have been selected, which once again aroused the attention of the industry and society to the group of truck drivers.

Nineteen of the fifth plenary session through "the central committee of the communist party of China to develop the national economy and social development of 14 five-year plan and 2035 vision, clear requirements build a modern logistics system, the 8th meeting of the central finance and economics committee also stressed that promoting the construction of modern circulation system as a whole, cultivate strong internationally competitive modern logistics enterprise, it pointed out the direction to the development of logistics industry the next.

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