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About to do a good job of "qingming" group have a holiday and on duty arrangement notice

Group each department office, each subsidiary:

According to the state council general office informed about 2017 holiday the holiday arrangement, combined the actual group operating at the same time, regarding the "tomb-sweeping day" holiday and work arrangement on duty notice is as follows:

First, the holiday time

On April 4, April 2 solstice holiday paid leave, a total of 3 days. On April 1 (Saturday) to work.

Second, the arrangement on duty

Each department office, each unit shall be in line with "does not affect the normal production and operation, in order to maximize customer service" as the principle, give full consideration to the production operation, reasonable arrangement of holiday

During the personnel on duty. Please headquarters department head, the regional human resources administrative commissioner on March 27, 2017 (Monday) before 18:00 will be the department rota summary report to group human resources administration department HongJiHong, by its unified after the summary for the record shall be issued separately.

Third, work requirements

(a) before and after the tomb-sweeping day holiday of personnel need to please leave, must be more than three days in advance according to the examination and approval of the examination and approval process, please leave, all absences without the approval of according to absenteeism processing.

(2) should be conscious to do before the holiday office and staff dormitory health and safety, fire prevention, anti-theft) inspection work.

(3) please each department office, each unit to do a good job of holiday on duty, on duty and ensure the personnel on duty during the festival and post communication open.

Notice is hereby given that the.

Group management center of human resources administration department

On March 23, 2017

Keywords: the duty to inform about the tomb-sweeping day holiday

Copy to: general manager

Copy to send: group each department office, each subsidiary

Shenzhen bao hengtong (group) the limited company management center issued by human resources administration department on March 23, 2017

Is: HongJiHong issue: Li Nafu

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